Premium Kerosene is it worth it? 5 key benefits outlined and the costs of the heating oil additive explained.

January 17, 2019
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When buying heating oil it starts off all about keeping costs down, but what if your AGA or boiler as been performing poorly? A bit like running a business you sometimes need to invest more money upfront so that you can make savings in other places.

In this article we explain what premium kerosene is, the 5 key benefits and how much its costs; helping you to decide whether to enhance your next kerosene order or not.

What is Kerosene?

What-is-KeroseneKerosene, also known as Kero,  Domestic oil, Heating oil, 28 second oil, and Fuel oil is used by millions of domestic properties around the world to heat their homes where there is no access to gas supply.
Made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons, heating oil is a yellow-brown liquid used to fuel household hot water boilers, central heating systems and heat storage stoves such an AGA.  Kerosene is a much cleaner alternative than gas oil which is used predominantly in the agricultural and industrial situations.

What is Premium Kerosene?

Kerosene is made from Crude oil, through a fractional distillation process. This creates an oil that is less dense to that it can be used to fuel residential and commercial appliances. Premium Kerosene is still created through the same process, however a specialist additive is applied at the point of delivery.

The additive ensures that the oil keeps fresher for longer, which results in less of a carbon build up and reduced risk of sludge sitting at the bottom of the tank.  As we all want to prolong our oil tank use for as long as possible, it is important to keep the oil within them in tip top condition so that the appliances that it fuels stay at optimum performance.  We may not use as much fuel in the summer, but this is when bacteria can take a quicker hold, using additives will minimise the impact on the oil, and your pocket!

5 Benefits of Premium Kerosene

#1 Cleaner & more efficiently running appliances

Since the EU reduced permitted sulphur levels in 2010, there were complaints by AGA users that they were experiencing build up, which was causing units to fail suddenly.  The supplement of an additive minimises this risk as the oil is kept at optimum condition, preventing build up in appliances.

#2 No need to modify boiler

Converting to Premium kerosene, does not mean costly modifications to your boiler or appliances. It is merely added at the delivery point and drawn into its intended use as before,  in a more superior state.

# 3 Your kerosene lasts longer

The additives applied to the Kerosene means that appliances run more effectively and therefore do not require as much fuel as before. This means that your fuel deliveries will last longer ,saving you money in the long term

#4 Reduces risk of expensive unexpected repairs

The build of sludge in an AGA, means a call out charge from a qualified technician to clear up the mess; it will be the same for boilers or machinery.  Fuel-run appliances often require regular maintenance as standard, however the use of clean kerosene will reduce the risk of additional call out charges and expensive part replacements.

clean- environment

#5 better for environment

All forms of heating create some sort of carbon imprint, however by using premium additives it will allow your systems to burn more efficiently and cleaner.  There are also additional ways to reduce your carbon emissions such as insulating your property correctly, keeping up with regular maintenance checks, and turning down the themostat when your heating isn’t required.

How much does Premium Kerosene Cost?

As mentioned earlier, Premium Kerosene is standard kerosene with an additive applied at point of delivery. The additives can usually be purchased in bottles of 200ml which will treat a 1,000 litre kerosene order, you would just increase volume ordered based on your requirements.

At Carnegie Fuels we charge £25+vat per 200ml bottle and that includes application of it at point of fuel delivery.

Summary: Premium Kerosene is it worth it?

Imagine, choosing to run a 10 km race without any training. You’d hopefully get round but with intermittent periods of walking, the agony of blisters  and the after effects of stiffness for a few days. The risk of injury is high and so is the chance of failure.

Choosing to add an additive to your oil to make it Premium Kerosene is like deciding to nurture your homes heating and cooking operations so that you get the optimum output; effectively guaranteeing a 10km race result of less than 1 hour every time!

Has your recent boiler maintenance shown build up in your system? Speak our your team about your order.Premium-Kerosene-staff

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