A Carnegie Fuels fuelling truck in a garage having its DVSA MOT annual assessment conducted in Brechin, Scotland

Authorised Test Facility - DVSA

Keep your vehicle on the road at our Authorised Test Facility.
Operating out of our base in Brechin Business Park we have an authorised test facility that is assessed by DVSA (Driver Vehicle Standards Agency). The test which lasts about an hour makes sure HGVs and PSVs are safe and roadworthy.

Which vehicles need to take the annual test for lorries, buses and trailers?

  • Good vehicles with a gross weight of more than 3500kg
  • Vehicles that are built or have been adapted to form part of an articulated vehicle
  • Semi-trailers
  • Horseboxes with a gross weight of more than 3500kg
  • A-frame trailers and converter dollies manufactured on or after January 1979
  • Trailers with an unladen weight of more than 1,020kg with powered braking systems (instead of standard overrun brakes and as well as the required parking brake)
  • All public service vehicles with more than 8 passenger seats (not including drivers seat)
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Our Well-Maintained Fleet
  • Each driver ensures daily walk round inspections take place
  • Every 6 weeks, our trucks and trailers are booked into our onsite workshop for a routine safety & maintenance check-up
  • Annually they adhere to the annual HGV Annual Inspections that are carried out in our test bay by a DVSA Assessor.
We take huge pride in the presentation and maintenance of our lorries and trailers. Wearing our company colours, they go out looking immaculate each day.

You’ll often spot us on the road or at a Country Show, be sure to say hi or give us a wave!