A Carnegie Fuels tanker driver wearing safety gloves putting kerosene into an outdoor heating oil storage tank using a fuel hose at a client's home in Angus

Fuel Storage Tanks

Step up your business efficiency. Take control of the energy that fuels your operations.

If you're in a rural location, you are probably frustrated by the time and money wasted by having to divert vehicles to a fuel station. It can also feel quite risky as it only takes one person to forget to refuel and then productivity is slowed – or even worse, halted completely.

All too often people wait until this situation has gone too far before looking for a solution, thinking it will be too hard to change or the costs too high. We can help sort your fuel storage headaches! Get in touch to discuss your requirements and we will surely find something in our wide range to suit!

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An Introduction to Kingspan

Kingspan have been the market leading manufacturer of energy storage solutions for over 40 years. We partner with them at Carnegie Fuels to offer our clients the very best quality of tanks, and a quick delivery service.

Detailed below we’ve listed our most popular units for Diesel, Adblue and oil which are suitable for your commercial, agricultural and domestic needs.

Heating Oil Tanks

Titan Ecosafe Bunded Oil Tank Range

Manufactured using recyclable polyethylene, our tanks are a great low maintenance option - no rust; no painting! Coming in 15 different sizes there is a storage solution for all domestic and commercial requirements.

As standard each of the EcoSafe oil tanks come with:

  • Double skin construction
  • Watchman alarm sensor
  • 10 year guarantee*
  • Lockable lid
  • Filter and unique gate valve to protect your heating systems
  • Top outlet for ease of access
  • CE & OFTEC quality approval
  • Spillstop automatic shut off

Titan EcoSafe Slimline Bunded Oil Tank
(1000 - 4000 Litres)

If you are short on space around your home, or need the tank to slot into somewhere discreet this is the tank for you.

With a narrow and tall profile this tank has a smaller footprint than our standard model making it ideal for tucking behind buildings or slotting down the side of driveways and paths.


Titan EcoSafe Horizontal Bunded Oil Tank
(1000 - 2500 Litres)

Great for large gardens where space is not so much of a premium due to its wider footprint dimensions.

Being small in height and discreet in colour it is easy to for this oil tank to blend in with its surroundings, using shrubbery for cover.


Titan EcoSafe Vertical Bunded Oil Tank
(1300 - 9000 Litres)

Usually chosen due to its capability to hold large volumes of oil, this cylindrical shaped oil tank is great for the requirements of large estate homes, commercial buildings and factories to name a few.

It’s vertical shape means that it keeps as small a footprint as possible for the volume required.

Single Skin Domestic Oil Tanks

Titan Single Skin Tank Range

Suitable only for our domestic customers, the Titan single skin oil tanks come in 5 different capacities.

Both styles listed below are made from recycled polyethylene and come with the following as standard:

  • Watchman Sonic Oil Monitor & Tank Pack
  • 2 year guarantee (1 year on equipment)
  • OFCERT Approved

Suitable for the following fuel types: Kerosene, Fuel Oil, Gas Oil/Diesel


Titan Horizontal Single Skin Oil Tank
(1225 - 2500 Litres)

Low in height but wide in footprint, the horizontal single skin tank can be easily kept out of everyday sight.

Titan Vertical Single Skin Oil Tank
(1300 - 2500 Litres)

Cylindrical in shape. The titan vertical oil tank is ideal for tucking into tight corners or hiding behind some garden trellising.

Diesel & Agricultural Fuel Tanks

Kingspan FuelMaster

Plastic fuel storage and dispensing tanks from 1225 - 9000L.

Stationary fuel storage, suitable for individual users right through to high fuel consumption vehicle fleets. All of the FuelMaster range is double bunded, and has a 10 year guarantee for total peace of mind*.

FuelMaster Range Comparison – Key Features

Capacity Pump Speed Authorised Security Fuel Monitoring System Price Description
FuelMaster Standard 1225 – 2500L 56 l/min - - From £1175 Ideal for low fuel usage; improving your accessibility to diesel but without the need for excess volume to be in storage onsite.
FuelMaster Advanced 1225 – 1500L 56 l/min - Analogue Flowmeter From £1375 The larger volume capacity lets you benefit from bulk fuel purchasing. You can also monitor your usage better with the Analogue flowmeter.
FuelMaster Express 3000 – 5000L 72 l/min - Analogue Flowmeter From £2495 Ideal if you have over 5+ vehicles and are needing a quick and efficient refuelling system. It also includes a retractable hose system.
FuelMaster Fleet 5000 – 9000L 72 l/min Yes Pulser Flowmeter & MC Box Fleet Management From £2995 Designed for Commercial & Agricultural users with a high consumption rate of fuel. If you have a larger fleet of vehicles on the road or a lot of diesel fuelled machinery in operation, this is the storage solution for you.
FuelMaster Pro 5000 – 9000L 72 l/min Yes Pulser Flowmeter & Kingspan Access Management System From £ POA Using an RFID system the FuelMaster PRO allows unlimited user access and a tank management system.
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Portable Fuel Tanks

Kingspan TruckMaster:
Portable diesel storage and dispensing tanks 200 - 900L.

Working in the construction or agricultural industry you will quite often require remote access to fuel for machinery or heavy plant equipment. The TruckMaster allows you to re-fuel without having to take the equipment back to base, saving you time and hassle.

The Kingspan TruckMaster is essentially a small mobile oil tank, allowing you to reach places a tanker cannot such as rough land and steep, narrow roads.

The Portable unit can be lifted onto a back of a truck using a forklift, and internal baffle walls in the 430l and 900l reduce the impact of fluid movement so that the load remains safe and secure.

TruckMaster tanks also come with a 5 year guarantee.

For Specifications & tank size Download portable TruckMaster Brochure.

Kingspan BlueMaster

Hired or bought a new fleet of vehicles and now need Adblue as well as Diesel?

If you have a commercial vehicle with SCR technology you will require Adblue in order to operate the vehicle but also so that you can comply with Euro standards IV, V and VI.

Our BlueMaster Tank storage solutions can be neatly positioned alongside your regular diesel tank for ease of access.

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