A Carnegie Fuels fuelling truck outside of a home in Scotland

Domestic Oil.

Rely on kerosene for your heating or stove? We will make sure that you are never left out in the cold.
Keeping in touch with our customers, we track typical oil consumptions so that you never have to worry about running close to the bottom of the tank again.
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Kerosene, also known as domestic oil, heating oil, 28 second oil, and fuel oil is used by millions of domestic properties around the world to heat their homes where there is no access to gas supply.

Made up of a mixture of hydrocarbons, heating oil is a yellow-brown liquid used to fuel household hot water boilers, central heating systems and oil fired stoves (Agas and other Range appliances).

Is this your first time ordering oil?

If your previous property did not use oil, ordering oil might seem a little confusing – take a look at our quick Domestic Oil Quick Start Guide so you can be confident when ordering oil for the first time.
A tanker driver from Carnegie Fuels filling up a home heating oil tank in Scotland

Been let down by another supplier? Or found yourself in a panic over oil levels?

Running a service across the East of Scotland from Dunfermline to Fraserburgh and everything in between, the Carnegie fleet will do their best to attend to you within 24 hours.

When the snow hits and everyone panics we prioritise our existing customers but we will get to you as soon as possible. After all how could we sleep soundly in our warm home, knowing that you are layered up in jumpers and thermals!

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Want to avoid paying out for lump sum costs?

Paying for heating oil can for some people feel like a worry. If you don’t plan for it correctly the bill could come as a bit of surprise especially in the colder months around Christmas. This is why we offer three different payment options.

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Buy Online

As it says, really!
Buy online

Monthly Direct Debit

Spread your costs. Pay an allotted amount per month to build credit for your next fill up (this would be based on an estimate refill cost).

Payment by Card

Card payment pre-authorisation is taken at time of original order. The payment is adjusted if necessary following delivery to ensure only the exact payment amount for the exact amount of litres delivered is processed through your bank.
Kingspan oil tank on a white background

Time to replace your oil tank?

Oil tanks generally have a lifespan of 10-15 years, so if this is your forever home, it is likely that you’ll be looking for a replacement at some point.

With that in mind we have a full range of Kingspan Titan Tanks available.

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A Carnegie Fuels tanker parked outside of a home in Scotland

Fed up of having to stay in for oil deliveries that fail to turn up?

We know how frustrating it is to put your life on hold while waiting for deliveries, and while most oil tanks are accessible without the need for an owners presence there are some occasions where it is necessary.

Our experienced delivery team know the roads like the back of their own hands and take pride in their first class service. Should any unexpected delays occur once out on their routes, you would be notified directly to minimise any inconvenience.

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