Road Haulage

Distribution services when and where you need it.

Covering the whole of the UK, Carnegie Transport are the road haulage partner that you can rely on to move your cargo both locally and nationally.
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Struggle to get short lead time availability from your current haulage provider?

The unpredictable nature of the construction and farming industry often means that your business operates below maximum efficiency as you have to wait for loads to be moved. As a local road haulage company, we pride ourselves on being accessible when you need us most; whether that is for a short local route or something further afield.

Whether it is plant machinery, food stuffs or offshore equipment, we understand the importance of being able to respond quickly to our clients.

Running individual projects or regular routines, we specialise in short & medium distance haulage across Scotland and the UK. Our well presented drivers will ensure your consignment arrives safe, on-time and with smooth loading & unloading procedures.

TASCC Registered

Our TASCC (Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops) registration gives us independent verification that we abide by food safety laws throughout our handling and transportation services, giving you assurance in your harvest to mouth delivery chain.

Our Trailers

A man smiling out the window of the driver's seat of a Carnegie Transport road haulage lorry with the window down.

Curtain side

Loading and unloading is made easy, with access from the rear and side. The cargo is protected during transportation from the impact of weather making it ideal for food stuffs and machinery.
*Fork lift is required for loading & unloading

Low Loader

The low loader is extremely versatile, and regularly used by local construction firms and farmers for moving plant hire equipment to different sites. Your vehicles are driven straight up the trailer ramps, before being secured into position. Allowing you to quickly and cost efficiently move equipment around the country.

Bulk Tipper

With a load capacity of 29 tonnes; our bulk tipper is ideal for the movement of large quantity bulk items such as grain & seed. 

Flatbed Trailer

With no walls or roof, our flatbed trailers are designed for accommodating unusual shaped loads, stackable and well wrapped products. With use of a crane or forklift, the cargo is lifted into position before being secured for the onward journey.

How much does our Haulage service cost?

Our haulage service can be priced in two different ways; day rate or by project.

The key impacting factors of the price are:

  • What is being carried
  • The distance to be travelled
  • When it needs to be at the destination
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What does our Road Haulage Service include?

Using our fleet of lorries and trailers we can support your business with seamless logistical support.

Arriving at your source destination, our drivers will bring your cargo together and load it securely onto the trailer, at this point you will receive an email notification confirming its collection. The driver will then make the most direct route to your selected end destination, before unloading as directed.

close up of a man with glasses sitting in the cab of a Carnegie Transport lorry with the driver's side window down

As part of our service you can expect:

  • 2 hour response rate to every enquiry
  • Loading of cargo from source site, with confirmation notification
  • Transfer to end destination using the most direct route
  • Unloading of cargo at destination, with confirmation notification
  • Goods in transit insurance
  • Well presented drivers & lorries
  • Good communication, with updates provided for unforeseen delays such as Road Traffic Accidents

Goods Handled

Covering the whole of the UK our haulage lorries can cater for most load requirements, but if in doubt speak to our Transport Manager:

  • Feeds and seeds
  • Heavy Plant Equipment & Machinery
  • Pipework
  • Offshore equipment
  • Large steel fabrications
  • Construction materials
  • Stones, boulders
  • Finished goods
  • Paper
  • Recycled materials
  • Retail goods
  • Tractors
Our Well-Maintained Fleet
  • Each driver ensures daily walk round inspections take place
  • Every 6 weeks, our trucks and trailers are booked into our onsite workshop for a routine safety & maintenance check-up
  • Annually they adhere to the annual HGV Annual Inspections that are carried out in our test bay by a DVSA Assessor.
We take huge pride in the presentation and maintenance of our lorries and trailers. Wearing our company colours, they go out looking immaculate each day.

You’ll often spot us on the road or at a Country Show, be sure to say hi or give us a wave!