FAQs: Oil Deliveries During COVID-19 Pandemic

March 25, 2020

Articles on COVID-19/Coronavirus are common finds now, but we want you to take the time to read our guidelines so that you can feel confident about our ability to provide an essential service across East Scotland at this troubled time in line with the on-going government announcements. 

These are unusual circumstances and they are affecting everybody across the world.

With the current lockdown scenario, people are now spending more time at home with higher demands on their heating requirements than usual at this time of year.

In addition our farmers are needing to keep their tractors moving across the fields so that they can continue to support our country with a strong supply chain for months to come. 

The Safety of our Customers & Employees is Paramount.

With this in mind we have set out Carnegie’s rules for COVID-19 and we appreciate that everyone respects them. 

Carnegie Fuels’ Delivery Rules during the COVID-19 global  pandemic.

  1. Please refrain where possible any face to face contact with our staff
  2. During this time our tank drivers will not knock at your door to ask for a signature for delivery but will instead leave the delivery ticket at the tank instead
  3. Please do not come any closer than 2 metres to any of our staff, we want to keep our services running for the benefit of everyone.  
  4. All employees have been issued with hand sanitiser, which drivers will use before & after each delivery and they will be wearing disposable gloves throughout their visit.
  5. Can all payments wherever possible be made by bank transfer or card over the phone/via the website rather than by cash or cheque. 

In addition to these measures, please understand that our offices are now out of bounds for-non employees. In addition, where possible staff are working remotely from home.

HGV Services & Repairs 

Please note all HGV MOT’s are suspended for 3 months (click here for information guidance from DVLA) We are continuing with strict maintenance on our own fleet and those we are in contract with to safeguard everyone’s safety.  Social distancing will be practised at all times. Please note we are not taking on any external work at this time. 

Frequently Asked Questions about oil deliveries during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Is the supply of oil going to dry up?

There is no issue whatsoever with the supply of heating oil, red diesel or DERV. 

The only thing impacting us just now is the volume of orders which means that deliveries may take slightly longer than usual, however we are minimising this where possible. 

We are an essential service so are continuing orders as required.

2. How long do you think prices will remain at this low price? 

It’s a bit like the saying ‘how long is a piece of string’ and the answer is – we don’t know it could be a month from now or it could be 12.  

3. We are in lockdown – are your services still running?

The supply of heating oil, red diesel and DERV are all critical to the public both in the short and long-term. For this reason our services remain in operation unless we are directly told otherwise. However, this could be withdrawn to just vulnerable and essential deliveries for a short period of time. Please be mindful of the situation and use your own discretion to decide whether your delivery is needed now or can wait until later. 

4. How long will it take to get my delivery?

Usually we can provide same day or next day delivery. However currently due to demand this can be upto 3 days, we appreciate your understanding during this unprecedented time.   

5. Are your drivers all healthy? 

Yes, all drivers are currently in good health. Should any of them show symptoms they will be self-isolating immediately. We are currently operating a no contact service with drivers briefings held by phone instead of face to face each morning. This is about minimising face to face contact between employees where possible while onsite, and when it is unavoidable a 2 metre distance is in place. We have a number of other drivers and family members that we can call on should health concerns arise, but at the moment we are keeping them for back-up. 

As a family we have been practicing social distancing from a number of weeks to reduce the risk on our essential service provision.

6. What happens if one of our family members has coronavirus – will you still deliver? 

If you are showing symptoms of coronavirus we would appreciate it if you could notify us at time of ordering and prior to delivery. We don’t actually require any contact with you while on your premises but would like to take additional steps to protect our staff in that situation.  

7. How will your tank drivers minimise touching gates/ door handles etc? 

All drivers wear protective gloves and sanitise between deliveries to minimise the spread of the virus.  

8. I’m scared of being made redundant. Is there anything you can do to help spread the costs ?

We can provide monthly payment options, to discuss this in more detail contact the office on 01356 648 648

9. Do you have any tips on saving costs on heating bills?

It’s understandable that you will want to save costs in such uncertain times, with that in mind we have created a helpful blog here  to read – How to Keep Energy Costs Down During Social Isolation

10. Myself or a family member are in a high-risk category – Can I still have fuel delivered?

Yes, we can still arrange for delivery, but we ask that you stay inside while our drivers are onsite. As our new rules for oil delivery state above, none of our staff should be within a 2 metre radius of you. We love a chat with our customers, but please understand that at this time it is only right that we all adhere to government guidelines and practice social distancing.  

11. What happens if one of your drivers contracts COVID-19?

They will be put into immediate self-isolation for 14 days and remain off work until they are fully recovered. They will not be operating any of our services until they are deemed safe to do so. We hope that this does not happen, however we are prepared should the situation arise. 

12. Are your drivers conscious of correct hand hygiene between visits? 

Yes, they have all been trained on the NHS’s hand santiser guidelines to ensure that they are maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. In addition they are provided with disposable gloves that will be changed after each delivery to stop any further transmission. 

13. Will drivers wear disposable gloves throughout the visit?

As outlined above, all workers have been provided with disposable gloves that will be changed after each delivery to stop further transmission.

14. Are your vehicles disinfected regularly?

Our tanks fly the Carnegie colours with pride across the East of Scotland. We have always been known for our spotless trucks but our daily washdowns have now been further enhanced with disinfecting of the fuel tanker’s driver hub. 

15. If I need help can I approach your driver?

At this time, we ask you to avoid any non urgent face to face conversations with our staff. If it is critical to have a conversation, please remain at least 2 metres away in distance. This is to protect both parties and the fuel delivery service that we provide for others. 

Have we have missed anything? If you have any further questions, please add it to the comments below and we will be back in touch shortly.

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      Hi Kirstin,

      In this situation you would only be invoiced for the number of litres that was put into your tank.

      However, it is worth noting that our minimum amount that we are legally allowed to deliver is 500 litres, so you do need to ensure that there is sufficient room in your tank to hold at least this amount.

      Hope that’s helpful!

  1. Well done Carnegie oils . Such personal service is very much appreciated and your communications are excellent. Congratulations on the birth of your grandchild.
    Ythan Lodge

  2. Carnegie Fuels have supplied our heating oil for over twenty years and are easy to contact, very helpful and delivery has always been very prompt even during this period. Thanks to all the staff for their dedication and hard work during this troubling time, we certainly appreciate it. Keep up the good work.