What is a digital oil monitoring system (and do you need one)?

December 3, 2020
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Monitoring your oil levels is one of those boring admin tasks that needs to be done, but that can easily slip your mind.

Everyday we get calls from customers who have run out of heating oil. It’s the last thing that most people need. Not only does it add another thing onto your already busy and stressful lives. But, running your heating oil completely dry can cause costly damage to your boiler system and might mean that you require a maintenance call out too.

One of the ways to avoid running out of heating oil is to install a digital oil monitoring system.

In this blog, we’ll look at what digital oil monitoring systems are, and whether you need one or not.

Why do you need to use a digital monitoring system?

Running your oil tank dry is not a good idea. Don’t worry there are no safety concerns, as it’s designed to switch off if your oil runs out. But it is stressful. And really not ideal, especially if it’s the Winter. The last thing you want to do is run out of heating oil and be left with a cold home.

Plus, running your oil tank dry can damage your system. The residue and dirt that collects at the bottom of your tank can be drawn into your fuel line, and this can damage your heating system. This means you might need to get a maintenance visit on top of an oil fill up.

How often you refill your oil tank, will depend on a number of factors. But it is a safe option to get your tank refilled when it is at a quarter full, that way there is no chance of you running out of heating oil while you are waiting on a delivery and will revent impurities running through your system.

One of the ways to ensure that your oil tank never drops below this level is to install a digital oil monitoring system.

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What is a digital oil monitoring system?

A digital monitoring system remotely monitors your fuel level and sends you the information. You can have the ability to glance at your oil levels from the comfort of your own home – without ever leaving the couch.

Digital oil monitoring systems can inform you when the oil levels are low, but they can also alert you to if there is a sudden drop in levels indicating a leak or theft.

What type of digital thermometer should you use?

At Carnegie, we’ve partnered with Kingspan for over 20 years, providing our customers with fantastic quality oil storage products and value for money technology solutions.

The award-winning Sensor Systems Domestic Watchman Technology allows you to reliably measure your oil tanks levels and ensures you never get caught short. There are three different options, all designed to make your life easier:

  1. Kingspan Watchman Alarm
  2. Kingspan Watchman Sonic
  3. Kingspan Watchman Anywhere

#1 Kingspan Watchman Alarm

The Watchman Alarm is designed to measure your oil continuously and sound an alarm when there is a sudden drop in the tank level. This feature helps to prevent and alert you to oil theft.

There is also an option to help you monitor your ongoing fuel levels. This audible setting will transmit a buzzing tone when your oil levels are running low.

This technology gives you the peace of mind that your oil tank is always protected and ensures that you never forget to order a top up.

The price of the Kingspan Watchman Alarm is £114.00 inc. VAT

#2 Kingspan Watchman Sonic

The Watchman Sonic acts as a level sensor for your fuel tank, indicating to you how much oil you have left. It remotely monitors the level and sends this information to a receiver which can be plugged in a socket inside your home or office.

When the oil level drops below twenty percent, a symbol will appear on the receiver, to let you know it’s time to fill up. This symbol will start flashing, to attract your attention even more, when it drops below ten percent.

The price to install the Kingsman Watchman Sonic is £90.00 inc. VAT

#3 Kingspan Watchman Anywhere

If you want something fully flexible, then the Watchman Anywhere may be a good option.

The Watchman Anywhere does exactly what its name suggests. It gives you access to check your oil levels no matter where you are. The sensor in the Watchman Anywhere monitors your oil levels, and you can view this information anytime, anywhere, from a personal online dashboard. This means you can track your own, or a loved one’s tank. Ideal if you have a rental property or work away a lot.

The price for the Kingspan Watchman Anywhere is £180.00 inc VAT for installation + 12 months free App subscription.

So, should you use a digital oil monitoring system?

Even the most organised people, with the best intentions can forget to fill up their tank. And that’s something that you definitely want to avoid.

Using a digital oil monitoring system makes it easier to keep track of your oil levels, and makes it less likely that you will catch short on your oil levels.

So, yes, we do think you should install a digital oil monitoring system. It will make your life easier, and prevent you from running out of oil by accident.

If you are thinking about installing one then get in touch with us, and we can help you.

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