Care_oil heating system

A Simple Guide to Taking Care of your Oil Heating System

We all know how expensive oil heating systems and boilers are to replace, when something goes wrong the instant feeling of dread soon kicks-in. Taking preventative measures, will stop a small problem turning into a major and expensive oil heating repair or replacement.

In this article we will give you a simple guide on how to take the best care of your oil heating system from protecting your outdoor tank to spotting common problems with your boiler before they become a major issue.

Drop_crude oil price_means for heating oil price

What a drop in crude oil price means for heating oil in the UK?

To help explain why the crude oil price has dropped you first need to understand that oil is a commodity, and as such it’s price fluctuates depending on supply and demand.

The knock-on impact of everyone not moving has been huge.

In this article we explain why there has been a drop in the Brendt crude oil price and what impact it has on the cost of your heating oil.